We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good Grammar is Important...

But not to Bryan. I know this might be a low blow, but this is a guy who proudly wears his MBA and is bragging about law school. I am assuming he took basic English classes in college, so what's with the constant misspellings and grammatical errors? I overlook typos...heck I make them quite often. But he has some serious issues here. And, well, because he hasn't posted much today.

Bryan John Masche Some gall said she loved my profile picture it was from Jenny and i went to kauai like 2 or 3 years ago it wass great. if youve never taken your spouse do it. We went under a waterfall together and it is one of my greatest memories ever.

Bryan John Masche that was one of the funnest days of my life.


  1. I've noticed this as well. The horrible spelling comes out through his dumbass facebook and twitter postings while the poor grammar came out in the show (he often wrongly says "Jenny and I" instead of "Jenny and me," for example). The guy is an illiterate, fatass douchebag with an online MBA from University of Phoenix, so what do we expect?

    Soon he will add an online law degree from some "school" in California which has its offices (campus? LOL) in what looks like a rundown apartment complex. The law school can't spell either. If you look at their website, which looks like something a 4th grader made, they mention "Forth [sic] Year Schedule." Bryan will be right at home!

  2. I completely agree with the above post by anonymous. What really chaps my @ss is the fact that Bryan thinks he is a frigging Einstein...yeah right. The arrogant POS doesn't realize how incredibly STUPID he appears to be. "Please, explain the US constitution to me Bryan, master of the universe." ;) I would LOVE to get in a "political conversation", or any conversation for that matter, with that twit. He wouldn't know what hit him....God, he bugs the hell out of me...

  3. I cain't wate untell he runz fer prezadint. Cauze I'm be goin to vote fore he.

  4. Bryan declares his love for Jenny loud and clear at times. My question is this...Is love posting on the internet that your wife met an old boy friend for lunch?? But wait, that's not all--he gives the guy's name, so now this little family is drawn into the scandal. I truly feel sorry for them to have been brought into this mess--how embarrassing for the other guy's wife!!

    And it is not love that keeps hinting that Jenny is in love with someone else. I think that is the lowest thing that Bryan has done.

    Jenny left him purely and simply because she was emotionally abused by him for seven years....and the necessity for police action was the last straw!

    Brian is an emotional cripple and he cannot just say, "I was wrong> I helped destroy my marriage" No, if you notice he always has to say, "Jenny had her faults too"

    Folks, Bryan doesn't "get it"! He is to be pitied.

  5. Heads up! WETV is having an all ay marathon today. Interesting after following Bryan's facebook rants to look back and watch more closely at his behavior!

  6. I've been ill today so I have spent a lot of time in front of the television set. I watched some of the marathon. It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that Baby Shitmouth isn't just a colossal douche...I think he is a psychopath in the making and may actually be dangerous. He frequently has those "helter skelter" eyes that lunatics like Manson and those tea bagging zealots get. I hope Jenny is careful and is very watchful of any time Shitmouth has with the kids.

  7. I was sick and watched some of the episodes today as well. I just see Bryan and incredibly selfish and spoiled. He is always #1. I think he doesn't understand when he had the kids it is not about him anymore. Even if he had just one kid I think he could not handle it. If it was not done his way or all about him he gets upset. By watching I would think he was a spoiled only child but we know he has siblings.

  8. I am also in the minority: I think Bryan's dad, Bill, is great. He seems to be the one person who is honest about what a waste of space Baby Shitmouth is, and he isn't shy about making that known to anyone who will listen.

  9. online degrees rule!!October 28, 2010 at 8:47 AM

    "Baby Shitmouth" HAHAHA! Bryan's dad is a fat piece of shit like Bryan. Bryan's mom is horrific and disgusting. When she looks at the kids it looks like she wants to eat them. She looks like Jabba the Hut.

    Anyone remember the hilarious episode where Bryan goes to the nutritionist because of his "baby weight" problem? First, it's hilarious because his wife is the one who actually carried the damn kids and she looks athletic and great. Second, Bryan gets all defensive when the nutritionist tells him he lost muscle mass since he last came in for an appointment. Bryan says, "that's impossible!" or something... hilarious! Really, Bryan? Really? He's so insecure as a man it's funny.

    I think one of the reasons Bryan is so ugly (besides the extra 100 pounds) is his mouth. There's something about his mouth that makes his face look extra ugly... no wonder Jenny wanted to bone some text message salesman at a bible retreat.

  10. I also do not think Bryan's dad is that bad either. He is just tells it like it is. Bryan does not like to hear the truth. Bryan gets has all these "dreams" in his head and when his dad takes him back to reality Bryan gets mad. His dad was exactly right, Bryan you have 6 young kids, go for your "dream" when they are older. Keep your high paying job with benefits while they are young.