We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bryan is Facebook Crazy

He is bordering on the "Tom Cruise Crazy" of a few years back...you know, jumping on couching, mumbling to his shoes....and Annette? Your response was all kinds of WIN. I'm guessing his interview didn't go as well as he'd hoped or we would have seen some God praising about it. I guess (his own personal) Jesus/God doesn't want him to get a job and support his children right now. His God wants him to focus on an election two years away. I guess he could, technically, live off of campaign donations (ask Christine O'Donnell) but he would have to actually GET donations to do that.

My dad is pretty involved in politics, so I know a little bit about it. FIRST THING is to see if he even stands a chance at getting the Republican nomination. (Yes, he says he is a Libertarian, but are there any libertarians in Congress?) This costs money because it involves hiring people who make a living doing this. Then, if he stands a chance, he needs to start running a campaign. This also costs money, and we aren't talking printing some signs and bumper stickers and asking for volunteers. Every campaign has PAID staff...Campaign manager, Treasurer, Secretary and PAID staff who manage the volunteers and do the work if there are not enough volunteers. And, in Bryan's case, he better have an editor for any and every thing he writes, even on facebook and twitter. Usually, unless a person is an experienced politician and has extra donations from the last election, they use their own money for start up costs, or borrow from family. I suspect with two years of unemployment, Bryan has used up the "borrowing from family" card. And it isn't pocket change...its tens of thousands for a local campaign. It would easily run into the millions for a national run like he is talking about.

And if he doesn't win? It can well be money in the wind. Sure, he could keep running for office after a loss...it works for many. But, if he loses badly, he likely will not recover and he will look pathetic if he runs again.

Personal anecdote. There was a candidate in my former district in Kansas who was running for Congress. I actually liked him because he came to my door and talked to me. He was young, with no political experience, and the only job he had held was as an officer in the Air Force. He lost the nod in the Primary. He tried again two years later, having spent the previous two years preparing for the run. He lost again. Lather, rinse, repeat. It ends sadly...turns out he used campaign funds to buy his house, because the loan took longer than expected and he didn't want to delay the closing. Unfortunately, this is VERY illegal, and although he paid it all back a few weeks later, he went to jail.

Why did I digress? Because running for office without a job or income is dicey. I actually felt badly for the guy in KS (although I never voted for him) simply because I understood his position...he knew he would have the money in a few weeks, he had tapped out his family's good will, and he didn't think anyone would find out. And really, in his case, no one WAS harmed. But...he broke the law, his political career is over and he has a felony conviction.

I can see Bryan believing that the campaign contributions are his own personal piggy bank. I can see him believing he is ENTITLED to them, as he feels entitled about everything else. And, I can see him cutting corners by NOT hiring a campaign manager or treasurer, or counting on his own diploma-mill law degree to be his expert in campaign finance law. He is just that arrogant.

Here goes:

Bryan John Masche Funny thing happened a church today. Here I've been talking about running for Ron Gould's state senate seat in 2012, and I spoke to his wife a week ago, and in the middle of praising God during the first song, lo and behold who sits down right next to me but the man and his wife themselves. I spoke with Sen. Gould after church and we are going to meet sometime this week.

October 24 at 9:31pm · ·
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    • Jessica
      I would take that as a sign.. lol
      October 24 at 9:32pm · · 1 person
    • Bryan John Masche I know right.
      October 24 at 9:36pm ·
    • Allison:
      That's awesome
      October 24 at 9:41pm ·
    • Shannon
      Hmmm sounds like god as a plan.
      October 24 at 10:51pm ·
    • Melanie
      HE is always at work! :o)
      October 24 at 11:17pm ·
    • Bryan John Masche Yes
      Monday at 12:26am ·
    • Annette how did your interview go?
      Monday at 12:53am ·
    • Cindy
      That's surely a sign from above. Best of luck in making this decision!
      23 hours ago ·


      Bryan John Masche after the service and we are going to sit down this week some time and talk about running for his seat in 2012. U C God has a funny way of doing things....Has he perhaps brought me home to LHC knowing he wants to give me the desire of my heart......If my desire is to serve my state and country and take power back from the bueracrats and return it to the people.

      October 24 at 9:35pm · ·


  1. "bueracrats"? Do tea baggers know what a dictionary is?

  2. Every day when I look at Bryan's face book, I am more and more aware that he is out of touch with reality. How can he talk about running for office when he is facing a trial and perhaps jail time--totally nutz!! He is talking about God giving him the desires of his heart--the desires of his heart should be to support those children and raise them to meaningful adulthood. He has twisted thinking. I am daily more aware of what Jenny suffered under him. He doesn't listen to reason.

    Sad, Sad, Sad.

  3. It sure must be nice to have so much time on your hands Bryan! His days seem to be filled with Bible reading/ranting, facebook/twitter time, planning for law school and running for office! He is living in mommy and daddy's basement. I'm sure mommy is cooking for him and washing his clothes. Once every few weeks he brings 3 kids home (and I'm sure his mommy helps him) for play time. What a nice easy life, no work, no kids 24/7, sure Bryan now you can persue the dreams Jenny stopped you from. Maybe she stopped you from them because common sense says You got 6 kids, you have to work and take care of them. You can't sit on your butt online and go to face law school and rant about politics and religion all day!
    I'm sure Jenny is choosing the "easy way out" working 12 hour shifts with a 2 hour commute to pay for your kids! and be the primary caregiver as well.

  4. Noticed that Jenny has been posting postive things on Bryan facebook? What does this mean? Is she just trying to keep things civil or are they getting back together (ughh)?