We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

US Magazine

I know this is getting a little repetitive, but I am trying to make this a central location for the articles, and this one ads a little more to the story. Another layer, per se...he threatened to "flatten" his father in law and there were guns in the car.

Before he was arrested Sept. 11 on suspicion of domestic violence, Bryan Masche - star of WE's Raising Sextuplets - put up quite a struggle.

According to a police report, he lost it while visiting family in Camp Verde, Ariz., when his wife, Jenny, told him that she was going to visit friends in Phoenix. (He wanted to take their 3-year-old children -- Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake -- to Lake Havasu City, where they previously lived.)

The report states that he spewed obscenities in front of the kids and threatened to "flatten" his father-in-law when he tried to intervene.

When police arrived, Masche, 32, refused arrest.

With his arms folded in front of him to avoid being cuffed, he yelled, "I didn't do anything!"

When an officer threatened to Taser him, he "complied" with police orders, according to the report.

"Bryan was then assisted back to his feet and escorted to my vehicle where he was secured," reads the report. "While in my patrol vehicle, Bryan continued to be belligerent."

He has pleaded not guilty to three counts of domestic violence involving disorderly conduct and threats, as well as one count of resisting arrest.

Free on $3,500 bail, he is due in court Oct. 7.


  1. Keep Posting. We all know what a panty waste this dude is. Always verbally threatening and talking down to his wife and kids even locking one kid in the bathroom and the kid got so scared he/she peed their pants being all alone in a locked room.

  2. This guy is a major dick! Thank you for starting this blog, keep posting. WE can NOT continue with this show!