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Monday, September 20, 2010

Perez Hilton...

Thanks for the comments! Here is the Perez Hilton column from earlier today. It is really awful that the tups witnessed their dad being arrested. Wonder who he will blame it on?

We're getting Gosselin flashbacks! This is so not good!

More information has been released concerning the domestic violence charges brought up against Bryan Masche, father figure of sextuplets and star of Raising Sextuplets. According to the police report, a fight broke out between Bryan and his wife, Jenny Masche, over a disagreement for plans for the weekend. Things got fairly brutal and it all played out right in front of the six kids!

Supposedly, papa Bryan wanted to take the kids on a little trip to Lake Havasu, which is about 200 miles away from their home in Arizona. According to the report, Jenny had other plans for the day and she was afraid to leave her children in her husbands care. She said she was concerned he wouldn't "return with the children." This turned into a very heated verbal exchange and when the police dispatch was alerted, they were advised that Bryan had become "more aggressive" and that there were "firearms in a vehicle" nearby.

Thankfully, the police got there in time before anything physical could go down, but Bryan wasn't pleased having the cops drag him off. The officer on the scene reports that the father of six was "hesitant and refused" to be handcuffed, securing his arms in front of him to prevent the cops from getting to him, all the while screaming and being "belligerent." It wasn't until the officer asked his partner to deploy a Taser that Bryan finally allow himself to be handcuffed, but he continued to yell and back talk once in the squad car.

Ugh! This guy sounds like a real douchey piece of work. Maybe a few weeks in jail with straighten his ass out!

Read More: Raising Hell In Front Of The Sextuplets! Inside Story Behind Bryan Masche's Domestic Violence Charges! | PerezHilton.com http://perezhilton.com/2010-09-20-bryan_masche_raising_sextuplets_full_story_fight_in_front_go_children#ixzz108LjqnH0
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  1. Sounds like there has been a lot more going on in that family than they've let on. "She said she was concerned he wouldn't 'return with the children.'"

    I wonder if, since they've established a new residence in FL, Jenny will have a problem trying to stay in AZ with the kids.

    Talk to a lawyer, Jenny. Your parents will help you. Get away from him before he hurts you and/or the children. He's dangerous and you know it. Listen to the good advice your parents and friends are giving you -- get out now - take the children and run!!!

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  3. Love this blog, but I also cannot read the font. Anyway to fix this? Pretty please? :-)

  4. Interesting about Jenny thinking he wouldn't come back with them. Something's obviously not going well.

  5. Hey! I learned how to change the font! It was driving me nuts, too...just didn't know how to change it. Hope this is better. :-)

  6. Much better. Thank you!!