We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bryan twitters

Both were late last night.


"There was no violence at all in AZ if someone yells someone goes 2 jen myself n kids r fine we r both working on our own issues"

I am assuming he means that if someone yells, someone goes "2 jail". However, I am unaware of any laws in AZ or any other state that throws people in jail for yelling. If that were true, I would be in jail for SURE during the Vikings game on Sunday...I did a LOT more that yell! I have even heard people yelling in public...in the mall at their spouse, at school at their parents, walking down the sidewalk at their kids...and I have yet to see any of them getting a ticket, let alone ARRESTED. So no, Bryan, I don't think "if someone yells someone goes 2" in AZ.


"A public statemenet will b made and will probably suprise most.."

Oh, probably not, Bryan. Who will you be blaming? Your father-in-law? Your wife? Your kids? Barack Obama? The police? The only way I would be surprised, Bryan, is if you actually accept responsibility, apologize, and promise to get anger management. Anything less will not only not surprise me, but not surprise anyone.

And what are you waiting for on the "public statement", anyway? An engraved invitation from Hannity?

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