We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Jenny Working?

I haven't been able to figure out if Jenny is working in Arizona yet. I remember from the series that her old job was quite a drive from her parents' house, so she would probably need to find a new job. This really shouldn't be a problem for her, as an experienced, licensed physician's assistant, especially with the aging population in Arizona.
I guess I can understand her taking a little while to "get acclimated" but she really needs to get into a routine, and the kids need to have stability. I am pretty sure she will not be able to count on Bryan for half of the children's expenses, so she is going to be the primary financial provider for her kids. (Like most custodial parents quickly realize, financially, the non-custodial parent doesn't cover the food bill, let alone half....) Her parents will probably end up paying more towards the care of the kids than Bryan does.

Again, I really hope that Jenny, with the help of her parents, can provide for and raise the kids without selling their childhoods on television. No, she won't get vacations to North Carolina, Hawaii or Mexico, but she will be able to go to the Grand Canyon and take the kids to a McDonald's playland. No, she won't get weekly manicures, but she can take out the polish and spend some quality time with her girls, doing nails. No, she won't have a bodyguard or 24 hour nannies, but she will have her parents to love and support her. No, she won't have a huge mansion, complete with caretakers, but she does have a safe place for her children with a yard to ride bikes, play and swim, even if it's a baby pool in the backyard.

Unlike "that other divorced family of sextuplets on tv", she seems to really enjoy her children. I think that once she adjusts to the decrease in income, she will come to enjoy the privacy and little moments with her kids. She and her family can watch them grow, learn and marvel at who they are as individuals, in a simple life away from the chaos.

Godspeed, Jenny. We are rooting for you to do this on your own, with your family by your side.


  1. I got the feeling that Jenny came from down to Earth parent's and she didn't have her eye on fame and fortune. I also can see she genuinely loves her children and by taking this step, wants them to grow up in a safe and secure environment.

    With her profession she can easily make 75k a year or more...with benefits. With her Mom and Dad their, she CAN do it on her own financially, without a TV show.

    I just wonder, since WETV already signed them for a 3rd season, will those episodes be shown. Bryan did twitter that filming had started, and I thought that was the reason for the "Alabama Lake House" trip he mentioned and even possibly them going back to Arizona.

    Or was it just a cover up because maybe Jenny was already back there? Maybe Jaycee can tell us. I get the feeling she is maybe a great Aunt.

  2. Bryan had a good paying job as a pharm rep. I think he has earning potential unlike Jon Gosselin. However, he strikes me as the kind of guy that wouldn't work just because he feels he has been wronged. I think he comes first in his mind, not the children.

  3. Don't forget his MBA from the University of Phoenix. :-)

    Bryan HAD a good income potential back in the day, and he DOES have a series seven license. But the market for financial planners is in the toilet right now, and he is brand new and inexperienced. I am not sure what he will find for a job, but he had better find something. He has six kids to support.

  4. when you graduate from University of Phoenix do they send you your degree as an email attachment?

  5. Bryan hasn't had a paycheck in over a year--

  6. maybe he can start a clothing line focusing on polo shirts for plus-sized men

  7. I don't give a crap what he does for a living. It changes nothing. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk.

  8. According to Jenny's mom's FB page, Jenny is still selling the vitamins and hopes to 'quit her job' in 6 months.

    How does someone with a legitimate education in the field of medicine fall for such a pyramid scheme?

    Sounds like Bryan isn't the only one with unrealistic dreams.

    and I agree No Drama, a jerk is a jerk is a jerk!

  9. The vitiam thing really bothers me. It just shows the influence Bryan has on her. Those incomes can never last long term, if she is lucky that she signed up some family and friends, people won't spend the big money on vitiams forever.

    I hope Jenny will go back to her PA career. Her parents live near bigger cities and AZ is an excellent place for PA's. If she can buy a little time with the vitiam sales and find a good schedule it should work fine. Working 3 12's even over a weekend would be great so she could she with the kids all week and invovled in school activites.

    Bryan's facebook is scary. Besides the poltical rants, and religious talk, last night he posted pictures of his prescription bottle for sedatives recently filled. I have no idea what that is supposed to prove? Sedatives are not a long term fix for anger problems and you shouldn't be driving you kids 3 hours while taking them.

  10. Bryan posted on FB that he didn't know if the show was being picked up for a third season.

    I notice that WE is showing yet another marathon today. I wonder if they're checking to see how much of a curiousity factor there is now that Bryan's arrest hit the news and internet.

    I'm glad I found this site-I'm off work after surgery for a few weeks and it gives me something to take my mind off of myself.

  11. Anon,
    Did he just recently post that on FB?
    On his Twitter, he states that WE did sign on for a 3rd season, it was a done deal...so, maybe they are reconsidering. I don't think he would have stated that if it was still in the considering phase. Which leads me to believe the network is reconsidering.

  12. Seriously!!! Bryan posted a bottle of his medication on FB!!! OMG! Who does that???

  13. Trucker,
    Yes, Bryan posted that he didn't know if there would be a third season or not recently on FB(yesterday or the day before, I think).

    I don't know if he lied on his twitter the first time, or if WE is reconsidering since his arrest.

    He's now posting excerpts from some religious book on his FB, which basically say marriage is more about bringing you closer to God than being happy. Whatever, Bry! (I'm embarrassed to admit that I FB 'friended' him. I hope my real friends have no idea who he is!!!)