We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

People Magazine Article

Thanks, Preesi!

Bryan...you just got arrested for domestic violence! Jenny...you just filed for legal separation! Now what are you going to do? We're going to Disneyworld! (Well, not exactly...a "weekend alone") Ugh, these two.

Meanwhile, on Bryan's facebook, we have lots of religious quotes and asking for the "holy spirit to intervene", but no apologies, humility, or accepting responsibility.


  1. "she wanted the beach in fla I wanted to move 2 prescott by her family get ur facts straight. Jen nvr faced her own issues."
    8:22 PM Sep 29th via Twitter


  2. I hope this info about a weekend away is wrong! Makes me wanna puke!

  3. does Bryan not look completely gay in that first photo?

  4. Bryan just posted on facebook that Jenny has "checked out" and he is going to give her space to see if she wants to work it out. Lets hope she stays checked out.

  5. No why are you obsessed that he is gay? I don't see it at all. Yea, I am glad Jen has checked out!!!!

  6. Definately GAY! The Scientologists will knock that out of him... wait their methods didn't work with Travolta and Cruise. Maybe Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggert can KNOCK THAT GAY DEVIL out of him!

  7. I just don't see it. I have worked with several gay people, and so are less open about it. But I don't see it in Bryan. If he is, he will never find peace because he will fight it tooth and nail.

  8. Is Bryan's facebook gone?

  9. Yes, fb is gone. Someone must have told him that wasn't the way to go about healiing anythng--airing your problems for the world to see.

    Bryan doesn't get it.

    He absolutely has to mention Jenny's faults when he laments about his,,,,and I believe that until he is broken in his spirit by his behavior, he won't change. There is a hurting immaturity in that boy and until he faces who Bryan is and works on that change, and quits worrying about Jenny and her faults, there is no hope.

    He should quit tweeting, also. Its ridiculous to air all of this stuff. There is not one word coming from Jenny on her facebook, yet she is receiving many, many messages of support.

    Brian doesn't realize how living with anger, put downs, and unkind words wears away at a woman's spirit and heart, until she reaches the point where she stands up and says, "no more!"

    I wonder how his court date will be handled.

  10. He is over on Twitter spouting off is religion. Masche is trying to use the guilt factor to get to Jenny and I hope it doesn't work. She left him for a reason and anyone who spouts out obscenities and threats to pummel his spouses father while degrading his wife on national tv has no business spouting the words of The Lord!
    Jenny don't fall for his bullshit. Hes a wakko who will eventually end up harming you and your babies.

  11. You've missed two good Radar posts about these two. Surprised you haven't entered them for discussion.