We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Raising Sextuplets on WE TONIGHT 10/9 C

There is a new "Raising Sextuplets" tonight on WE television at 10/9 Central.

New: "Home Alone, Just the Eight of Us" Jenny must say goodbye to her mom as the family settles into their new home. Meanwhile, the bills pile up as Jenny waits to start working and Bryan tries to get his business up and running. Soon, more problems arise.

So...are things going to get better now that they have moved across the country? I sure hope so, since Bryan's behavior so far has been pretty childish.

Does anyone else feel gaydar emitting from Bryan? Is THAT his problem? Or is he just a spoiled, entitled brat?

I will check back in after the show.


  1. Whatever is coming from him, it's all negative.

  2. He's a closet case. I had several of my gay male friends watch the show and they were adamant about it. And they made their assertion within the first minute of seeing Big Bry Bry onscreen.

    The trouble is, he's also a colossal tool. A real raging asshole. Plenty of gay men marry straight women and have families and have decent, even good, lives. But Bryan Masche is just not a good human being. He's mean and verbally abusive, selfish and childish.

    Jenny, come home to Arizona, girl. You can do SO MUCH BETTER.

  3. IMO-Locking his daughter in the bathroom is a much bigger issue than his sexuality.

    Gay or straight, it's all abuse.

    BTW-His wife let this happen.

  4. I think Bryan is very abusive and jenny is always apoloigizing to him which shows that she carries the straits of an abused woman. The parents know he is not any good for his wife nor the children. I pray that Jenny realizes that pretty soon he will start physically abusing her lord knows he is not to far from it now. Not to mention I have not seen Bryan do one thing towards the start of this new business.It is apparent that he was running away from something that is why he wanted to move to Florida, or perhaps he just needed personal space to abuse his family.

  5. Oh puhleeze. Bryan isn't gay; he's just a spoiled, entitled brat. And a creep. And abusive.