We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bryan's dreams, quashed again...

OK, so the dishwasher thing made me laugh. But then...

So, on tonight's show, Unemployed Bryan refuses to get up first to take care of his children, then takes enormous pride in putting together a shelf. He started out with all three boys "helping" him, but ended up sending two of the boys back in to Jenny because it was too much for him to watch half of the kids and put together a shelf. Mr. Independent! Did it without calling his dad! How old is he?

They are going to a secular therapist, but I am not sure she can save this sham of a marriage. Bryan is upset because he wanted to run for office, "City Council or Senate" back in Arizona, but Jenny "didn't let him and killed his dream." Maybe THAT was part of the reason for moving to a very conservative area and not having a job yet? I don't care much about his political views, but most people who win elections have very good people skills. They know how to talk to people, they are empathetic, they are able to come up with good ideas and solutions. They make sense. I have never heard of a politician who moved his family across the country with no jobs, grab their son by his arm and practically dislocate his shoulder, and scream in the face of your two year old. So if you want to run for office, Bryan, I recommend you get your fat arse off the tv...it isn't doing you any favors in your political career.
He also said in passing that he wanted to go to law school. Bryan, I think you just want to do something different. You were successful as a pharmaceutical rep, but you decided supporting your family wasn't good enough, so you moved your family cross country to become a financial planner. I hope Jenny continues to crush any other whims you have, because, you know, you have six kids.

OK, so now Jenny doesn't have a job, either. I don't know what is wrong with these people, but she did not get privileges at the hospital secured BEFORE she moved. So neither one has a job, which makes the "no one wants to get up in the morning with the kids" even weirder. What else do they have to do? Jenny had a pretty good idea-to pick up a bunch of shifts in Arizona to pay the bills until she goes to work. Of course, she can't leave the kids alone with Bryan for a week, though. He can't take care of them by himself. Good call, really....he can't. He might break an arm or something. I am not being sarcastic.

They have a decent therapist who seems to have Bryan's number. I am not sure she can save the marriage, but at least she is secular and isn't going to buy into the "subservient" thing that Bryan is trying to sell. I hope they can work it out, but unless Bryan gets a brain and motivation transplant and Jenny grows a spine, I am not optimistic.

I was somewhat encouraged by Bryan acknowledging his rage and family history of verbal nastiness. I hope he thinks before he speaks and stops raging. That would really be good for everyone, because the kids deserve to not be afraid of their dad.


  1. Well, one thing is for sure about Big Bry going into politics...

    ...he has "scandal with young male staffer" written all over him.

  2. Plus, running for office costs money. Maybe he should get a job to pay for it. Not to mention, if he does get elected, it doesn't pay very well. I don't know any elected official at a local level who uses that as their sole income.