We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

There are no words....but I guess I'll try.
While watching, I said aloud, twice, "I wish I could hit him in the head!" My husband just turned to me and laughed. I am not a violent person, but Bryan brings out some major loathing. When he overreacted and locked Bailey in the bathroom?! He is just a pig. My heart broke a little when we realized she'd peed herself because she was so scared....and then Asshat says "It's your fault!" to Jenny. Seriously?
I am so sick of his smug rolling of the eyes for the camera. He is not adorable. He is not worthy of any sympathy from the viewers. He is loathsome and useless to the level of being a menace. He doesn't help with the dinner or distract the children while Jenny cooks, but he is able to jump in and take over the punishment (which was already being addressed).....and causes Jenny to have to change and clean Bailey because he caused her to pee herself. Yes, he is a menace.

The sadness in Jenny's Mother's face was pretty deep. She knows what a jerk Asshat is and she's majorly bummin' that she has to leave her grandchildren in his clutches.
I shudder to think about his fight with Jenny's Dad. I get the feeling Asshat "debates" immediately escalate and he thinks he wins when people get sick of him and walk away. He has no respect for anyone, and his fake smiles and "laughs" are simply a cover for his lack of self-awareness.

When I told my husband how much people on the internet hate Bryan, he said "Yes, and we only see him when the cameras are on!" Indeed.

As my Mother used to say "Better alone than with bad company." It's not too late for Jenny to take that advice. So what if she leaves him to raise the children with her family? She'll not have his bad influence on the children and they can move on to living life. Hopefully, he will be consistent and will selfishly never visit the children and will let Jenny and her family get on with raising the children, not being distracted by his hissyfits.


  1. I am glad to see there is a Masches without pity site. I thought I was the only one out here who thinks Bryan Masche is an ass. I also think he is verbally and perhaps physically abusive to his wife Jenny, his children and anyone else that aggravates him. If he wants his wife to play by the rules of the Bible then he should get off his fat behind and work to provide for his family. I also noticed the looks on Jennys parents whenever Bryan exploded. I felt so bad for his mom and dad when he grabbed one of the kids out of her arms with force and stormed pass Jennys father. That look her father had looked like one of he wanted to hit him but had to bite his tongue and say nothing because of his daughter.
    His father sounds quite verbally abusive which is where Bryan must have inherited his abuse gene from.
    I hope Jenny will leave him soon and make her way back to her family. She took a large pay cut when she switched states and I think with the help , love and support of her family she can raise the kids by herself and have some piece of mind and a bit of happiness. And I did notice Bryans feminine tendencies.

  2. Watching this show is like reliving my first marriage. I was married to a man just like Bryan Masche. He rarely worked, I held down multiple jobs and took care of the kids while he held out for management..When I was successful, more so than him, we had to move 4 states away from my family and my support system, and when I found success there, we had to move again, each time for his career...she needs to get out of that situation and get those kids away from that rage, he will never change, and it will always be her fault.

  3. What is wrong with this guy! By the way is he gay? Well, that is not even important. One thing is for sure he is a LOSER in a serious way.He is nothing but a brat that needs a lot of growing up to do. I couldn't believe when he she told Jenny "you are behaving like Kate" WTF, he is the only one that behaves like Kate... Ufff I hope this poor woman picks up her children and goes back to AZ with her loving parents and friends. Good luck, Jenny!

  4. B is a douche. Jenny's a cutie pie w/a brain and work ethic, she'll be much better off w/o him. He can't even take the kids to park? Really? That's beyond pathetic.

  5. Watching Bryan on this show makes me sick. Absolutely turns my stomach. The verbal abuse to his wife is extreme and nonstop as she works endless hours and then comes home to him, the seventh child and greatest brat in the house. Yet, she keeps internalizing her emotions, swallows her pride, and puts on that beautiful smile. I ache for this awesome, hard working woman who is stuck with this absolute jerk with no self-esteem that keeps putting her down to validate himself. The rage is in eyes and the look of fear on her parent's face say it all. Jenny Girl, wake up. Life is too short and you are selling yourself too short. Come on, sista...you have to see this for yourself.

  6. Glad this site is here. I caught an episode on tv this morning - wt..? This man has serious issues. And even if they're not making a lot for their tv show, it's still some income. I agree, it seems like these people saw J&K and figured they'd jump on the bandwagon. I'm glad they are going to counseling - maybe it will help. But yes, Bryan needs to grow up and Bryan? For the record - the Bible commands husbands and wives to be servants to each other. Read with understanding, don't just pick and choose verses that you find convenient. Would Christ approve of your attitude to your wife and children? He would not. Love one another as He has loved you.

  7. Everyone needs to stop watching this program. It needs to be cancelled and will not be if people continue to tune in to watch the train wreck.
    It's amazing how quickly people jump when the abuse is coming from a man. Jon Gosselin was abused for years and people said he got what he deserved.
    Please, for the sake of the children, stop watching.
    Go to facebook and join A Minor Consideration, a group founded by former child star Paul Peterson. Help get laws passed to protect children in all forms of entertainment.
    Go to Z on TV, where we are following the effort of Rep Murt of the State of Pennsylvania to enforce and change child labor laws and free the Gosselin 8. We have contacted the state rep and hearings will be held in Sept, 2010. We blew the Jon and Kate fiasco out of the water and we aren't about to quit now.
    Join us please.

  8. These children are adorable and bright. But Jenny and Bryan are a mirror image of me and my late husband. The abuse started gradually and I, just as Jenny is doing now, tried to keep things running smoothly so he wouldn't explode. It only increased by leaps and bounds from there. It became a place where dad was the main concern. Everyone tip toed so dad wouldnt get upset. The emotional and verbal abuse became totally unbearable. Shortening the story, Jenny get out now. It won't get better. You will just get better at staying out of his way. The kids will suffer tremendously. I saw the same look on your mothers face that mine had on hers. It is truly heartbreaking to see this in your family. Please go back to your parents with the kids. They will have a normal, loving, family filled life. All kids deserve this and you have it in your power to provide them with these things.

  9. I think the kids are adorable, but can not watch. Bryan is abusive! I know not watching won't solve anything, but I just in good conscience be a part of it.