We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Since Bryan's online MBA worked out so well for him...

He is apparently going to throw away 30K and 4 years of his life on ANOTHER "impressive sounding but absolutely worthless" online degree.

This time, it is from the "California School of Law". If he successfully completes the program, he can ONLY take the Bar in California, and will NOT be accepted into to the American Bar Association, even if he passes.

But, since he is planning to use his fake law degree to run for office, it might not matter whether or not he can actually practice law.

Yeah, nice thing about Jenny leaving you is you can now "pursue your dreams." Maybe if you close your eyes long enough, your kids will disappear as well. It certainly doesn't seem as though he is making any effort at all to support them. That 30K he is blowing on a worthless degree is a lot of money towards raising 6 kids. I hope the court takes that he can suddenly afford this added expense when dividing assets and awarding child support.

Here is Bryan's new school. No need for that burdensome LSAT or even decent grades in undergrad! No, we aren't accredited, but you can still sit for the bar (in California only) so it doesn't matter....live your dream!

You would think that Bryan would have learned his lesson about online schools. He received his MBA from the University of Phoenix and, last I heard, has not been able to use it. Now I can't know for sure if that is the school's fault because Bryan seems pretty lazy, but the last thing he needs to do is get another online degree. Especially from a school full of disclaimers.


  1. I got Bryan to friend me on his personal FB page. Guy is delusional. It is all Jenny' fault. And he wants to run for Arizona Senate in 2 years! HAHAH!!!

  2. Who is going to make a JonesLife WithOutPity. Need one bad.

  3. absolutely hilarious... graduates of non-ABA law schools (laughing stocks and butts of many lawyer jokes) in California have around an 80-90% fail rate on the CA bar. I'm sure online schools are upwards of 90%

    Bryan is the biggest douche in the world

  4. That law school is a total scam. I looked in a CA online law school 10 years ago. I was living in a rural area and didn't want to move to go to law school. The law school said it that by the time I graduated many states would let you sit for the bar. Well it has been 10 years and no states have changed thier rules. The other thing they try and trick you into is that they say, come sit for the bar in CA and then if you pass then you can go sit for the bar in your own state. Wrong, if you are lucky, if go to online law school, pass the bar in CA, you have to practice in CA for 5+ years and maybe another state will consider you taking the bar, and as far as I know only 2 states (not AZ they were northern states) would let you do this. Just like the U of P MBA this online law school is meant for people who already have a professional job in a large corporation and want to move into a higher job new department. We all know that Bryan hates "working for the man" so I doubt in rural Az this career will help him much. He knows he can't find a job...he was super lucky to have that pharm rep job before.

  5. Bryan is lazy and has never really wanted to work. One of his complaints about being a pharmaceutical rep was the 'tiring' days, but at least he was earning a good income!

    As for running for office? Unless he's running unopposed, I can't imagine anyone voting for him. He is definitely not charismatic, nor a good speaker, and with the enormous amount of bad press he's received (which will follow him for the rest of his life) a run for office is just another pipe dream and waste of money (one thing he seems to be good at doing).

  6. How was being a pharm rep tiring? Too much driving or waiting in dr's offices? I'm sure it is alot easier driving alone or waiting alone then dealing with 6 infants/toddlers.
    Also why did they live in Havsua? It makes no sense since Jenny had to commute so far and I'm sure Bryan did too(how many dr's are there in Havasu?) Did Byran pick there because of his mommy was close by? I recently drove though Kingman and I was surprised there were some really nice homes in several subdivisions so why could they have not lived there.

  7. he's going to be writing a book too... I swear this guy becomes an even bigger jerk everyday.

  8. Law school, running for office and now he'll be writing a book about his marriage to Jenny.


    Seriously ... he's a delusional morong.

  9. And who are these nimrod fb pals who are cheering him on?

    Oh ... and I almost forgot about this priceless gem from the Douchebag himself: That is not the actual biblical method. For those of us who call ourselves christians yes u r in an equal partnership n u do take ur wifes viewpoint into consideration but the final decscion is the husbands 2 make 4 the family

    Again, it's Jenny's fault because she isn't heeding his command.

  10. That law school thing sounds just like this scam school we have around here. It charges like $40k to go there but the credits don't transfer to real colleges and the degree is completely worthless.

    My brother in law worked in the recruiter's office there but quit because he got sick of feeling like he was robbing stupid people of their money and selling them on a worthless degree (also the school was as shady to its employees as it was to the students, they'd promise raises at certain goals and then raise the goals everytime they were met w/o actually giving the raises.)

    Bryan is probably going to get nothing out of this but more bills and more money that won't help support his kids. Douchebag.