We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What Scares Me About Divorce

Let me start this with I absolutely, positively am FOR Jenny leaving Bryan. He is a ticking time bomb and, if the 911 calls are accurate, he was trying to leave with three of the kids and four guns. Also, if the information is correct, Jenny and the kids are with her parents, so she is in a good position to "start over"... she could find a job and her parents could help her with the kids at least until they are in school.

But what scares me is that IF Jenny files for divorce, Bryan will likely get unsupervised visitation with the kids. He will be angry about "losing" Jenny and he will likely have a temporary order for child support. If he was willing to use the kids as "leverage" during an argument, what would he be willing to do when he has even more on the line, like his perception of his life falling apart?

Bryan has professed to have political ambitions. Although those seem far fetched to most people, I honestly believe that Bryan believes he has a chance of becoming a career politician. He already blamed Jenny (on the show) for quashing his dreams. So he will certainly blame her for ruining his political future. Will this put her at risk for more violence? Will he try to hurt her by hurting the kids? What will Bryan do if he feels like he has nothing left to lose?

Here is an article that appeared in "The Daily Beast" last May. It seems to scream out Bryan to me. I hope I am wrong, but he has the signs of a father who would kill his children just so that Jenny couldn't have them, or to hurt her. He also seems like the type who would kill himself to avoid prison.

And....the problem is that Bryan likely WOULD get unsupervised visitation. It seems that unless a father has actually harmed a child, he does indeed get unsupervised visits.

I am not saying I have any answers for Jenny, because I don't. But if she does file for divorce, I would absolutely implore her to fight HARD for supervised visitation. And I honestly believe that if she files for divorce, she is in for a rough time with Bryan. Even if he never cares to see the kids again, he will fight hard for "his rights", if only to irritate Jenny. He is already claiming that the AZ police "violated his rights" by arresting him. I can only imagine how he will feel if Jenny files for divorce.

And I hope I am wrong on every single thing I just wrote.


  1. You wrote the exact things I've been thinking - I have the same concerns and worries for Jenny and the children. I hope we're wrong and that Bryan is more stable than he's demonstrated, but until he proves differently I believe he's a ticking time bomb and that Jenny and the kids are at risk.

  2. Me too. Baby Huey seems like the type who would align himself with those "father's rights" types who use their kids as a weapon to express their hatred of women.

  3. I wouldn't leave those kids alone with him. I think he cracked under the pressure. I think his own family should get him help. He has a lot of family of origin issues.