We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To Divorce or Not to Divorce

Conflicting news reports. It DOES appear that they are not living together, and that neither has filed for divorce.


Bryan, still waiting for your "surprising" comments.


  1. Jenny needs to divorce that maniac before he hurts someone. I'm so disgusted by him,I literally can't stand to look at him. I'll never watch that show again & neither will my kids.

  2. If Jenny and her parents were afraid Bryan would take 3 of the kids last week and use them for 'leverage' (which we heard in the 911 recording) I wonder if they could ever feel comfortable with the kids being in his care.

    What a fragile future they're all facing.

  3. I think if I was in their shoes I'd never feel comfortable with Bryan taking care of the kids. He's a bomb just waiting to blow up.

  4. I won't watch this show if it returns, either. Bryan is dangerous to his family, and perhaps even himself. He's a tool and I can't even fathom why WE would think it's a good idea to continiue this show. Maybe a murder/suicide will bring them the desired ratings.
    Have we learned nothing from Jenny Jones? (for those of you old enough to remember her show)

  5. Jenny Jones. My thoughts exactly.