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Monday, October 11, 2010

But Jenny's Dad Wimps Out

He "excuses" Bryan's behavior as "stress" and "financial issues". Well, yeah when you have two parents with no jobs and six kids...I imagine it creates some financial strain. Good thing Jenny is working!

The father-in-law of one of the stars of the reality TV show Raising Sextuplets is defending his son-in-law after he was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and threatening domestic violence.

In a twist, the father-in-law's the same guy who called the cops to have him arrested after an incident in Camp Verde last month.

The father-in-law, Bob Sembric, was on Inside Edition yesterday, where he defended Brian Masche's actions.

He says financial strains (the guy hasn't worked in over a year) and the struggles of raising six kids caused Masche to snap.

Since the incident, Masche and his wife have separated. But Sembric says he would welcome him back into his family.

"He's been a stay-at-home dad with sextuplets -- it's hard," Sembric said on IE. "We want them to come together as a couple. They have six reasons to get back together."

His encouraging words are a far cry from the 9-1-1 call he made in the middle of Masche's tirade.

In the call, he told dispatchers that Masche hadn't become violent but said "she [Jenne Masche] doesn't want him to leave because if he takes three and then he files [for separation or divorce] or whatever happens, then she's got three kids here and three kids there and then all of a sudden it becomes a bargaining tool. And they should be with their mother.

"He's in one of those frames of mind. I'm a little apprehensive," the father-in-law added.

At that point, the argument between Masche and his wife hadn't reached the point where the father-in-law requested police to come to the house. Then, shit got real.

In a second call to police, the father-in-law asked for police to come intervene in the escalating argument.

He said Masche stole Jenne's cell phone and told the dispatcher "he's started to load one of [the children]. He took her out of bed. He's got her in the back of the van."

Then the audio gets muffled, and you can hear children crying. After some more screaming and yelling, the father-in-law yells at Masche, "This is the attitude, this is the reason I do not want you in the car with the kids."

When police got to the scene, Masche told officers he "didn't do anything," according to the police report. Then, when police tried to take him into custody, he "locked and held his arms in front of his body in a manner to prevent them from behind secured."

Cops threatened Masche with a Taser. He calmed down and allowed officers to take him into custody.

Masche was taken to jail, where cops snapped the above photo of him grinning. He's been charged with resisting arrest. disorderly conduct, and threatening domestic violence. He was released from the Yavapai County Detention Center on $3,500 bond.

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  1. Shame on Bob Simbric for making any excuses for Baby Shitmouth's behavior. For every reported instance of domestic violence, there are ten that don't get reported from the same relationship. Baby Shitmouth has been pulling these stunts for a long time. If Jenny goes back to him, it will get so, so, so much worse. Shame on Bob Simbric for making ANY excuses for his daughter's abuser.

    There is new information on the TWOP forum for the show about how Baby Shitmouth tried to destroy an innocent guy's marriage simply because he used to date Jenny.