We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

WETV is Running the Marathon

I am not watching it, but wondering if they are running it to try to make as much money as possible before they stop filming OR if they really DO plan to film season 3?

I really hope that WETV has decided to leave this young family alone. Jenny has filed for divorce and, unlike Kate Gosselin, has her parents to help her. Also unlike Kate, she is going to have to work full time to support her brood.

I hope that Jenny has the sense to keep her kids OFF camera while they are going through what is likely to be a contentious divorce. Please, no "Jenny Goes It Alone". Let this family heal and move on outside of the harsh glare of the camera.

Let me make this clear...I do not blame WETV for this marriage breaking up. It was a mess before the cameras even came in. And I think Bryan would have exploded whether or not they ever had the show. But I think filming the six young kids as they go through this is indeed wrong, and it is time to turn them off.


  1. Very well said, Blogger - I agree with every word of your post.

  2. I agree with you, but I think the $ will be more important to her than anything else.

  3. I do think this is the smartest move that Jenny could make-I think the age of the kids will make it easier for them-Jenny does have a support system of family & friends, thank goodness-

    Filming, it's never a good thing for the kids-I do think she really will need the money-

    Bryan is a loser with a capital L--

  4. I watched the marathon last night, at least parts of it with a whole different eye on Bryan and his actions, the looks the GP's gave him and WOW! He is a time bomb. And the way his father dishes out advice and opinions, someone needs to tell him he is UNHEALTHY. Bryan's mother seems very immature and needy and also morbidly obese. These people have zero self-control.
    Jenny fuels the fire for sure, but NO ONE deserves to be yelled at or demeaned or hit.

    WETV will capilalize on this, no doubt. I am sure the ratings were higher than ever.

  5. I agree that Bryan's dad is an ass, however, I'm sure he's well aware that he's unhealthy. Just as I'm sure Bryan's mom is aware of her weight. I don't see what the hell that has to do with Bryan being such as asshole.

    I agree with the rest of your post, Trucker, I just don't think it's necessary to pick on their weight. No self control with food does not equal no self control in every other aspect of life.

  6. Anonymous said:...I just don't think it's necessary to pick on their weight. No self control with food does not equal no self control in every other aspect of life.

    Underweight/overweight - makes absolutely no difference in this dogfight.

  7. I disagree. When someone cannot control their physical health that shows a lack of self control. People can control
    their weight and they can control doctor's advice. These are self indulging
    weak people.

  8. Have you ever known someone who was morbidly obese who
    was mentally healthy? They were not always fat. I am
    not talking a few extra pounds.

  9. Wow Trucker - making assumptions about people based on their appearance is pretty harsh and so narrow minded.

  10. I watched last night and Bryan uses his dad as an excuse. Bryan tells the therapist that with every generation the anger is "getting better" but I see Bryan's anger as worse then his dad. Bryan's dad did pick on him, but alot of his points were valid, but not expressed very in the niecest ways. Issues like Bryan's dad is right he was an idot to leave a great job when he has 6 small kids, and he should wait till the are older to chase his dreams. His dad cried several times about Bryan and the grandkids moving. He obviously was sad but his jokes are the way(not the best way) that he expresses himself.

  11. if she divorces him she won't be responsible for washing all his XXL polo shirts when she does the laundry

  12. Bryan's mother's weight could be a result of her being depressed because she lives with a man who appears to be a hot head and is hypercritical. I understand what Trucker is saying about people having self control and not having self control and their weight being a reflection of that. I heard a health expert comment one time that when they see someone so overweight that all they think/see is "issues" and that most people - not all - but the majority of people who are obese have serious emotional issues they are dealing with and the weight is a by product of the problem. I tend to agree. I would say most people's weight struggle is emotional. I also recognize that some people have health issues (other than emotional) that prevent them from being able to control their weight effectively and these are exceptions.

    I do agree that Bryan's mom's weight has no bearing on his behavior and really is not relevant to this topic.

  13. I believe weight does factor in there a little. 3/4 of one episode was dedicated to Bryan going to doctor,being put on a diet,drinking the diet drink & his complete denial of being considered morbidly obese when the doctor spoke with him. He felt horrible about himself & in turn made everyone around him miserable. I don't agree with the one poster that said Jenny fueled the fire. How exactly did she do that? When she picked up her kids & moved across the country so he could follow his dream? Wait. Maybe it was when he was acting like a complete douche bag when Jenny wanted to take the couch to Florida with them after HIS dad gave them to his brother. Maybe it was when he called her a ball buster & compared her to Kate Gosselin. Maybe it was when he mocked her putting reg gas in the truck that took diesel(which is a huge no no),but later gets to his new home in Florida & realizes HE forgot the key to the house. Bryan Masche is a revolting,nauseating & horrible excuse for a husband & a father. You couldn't pay me to watch his loony tune butt on that show again. He needs help,but will never get any because in his mind it's everyone else that's got the issues & not him. When they were moving out of the AZ house & he started grabbing kids for Jenny to put in car to take to her moms...#1 I'd have knocked him on his fat butt for yelling at my mom like that & grabbing that kid out of her arms or #2 If I couldn't get to him,my dad would have knocked him down a few pegs for doing my mom like that. Jenny should have said something. I hope eventually something positive comes out of this,but I won't hold my breath waiting.

  14. From his facebook page.."Bryan John Masche Thank u there is always more than meets the eye. But i luv jenny and the kids and we r working on it.
    6 hours ago · LikeUnlike"
    I have a feeling they will get back together.

  15. I knew Bryan couldn't stay away from his Twitter for too long. He's trying to do damage control. He's not ready to let go of his dreams of being on Sean Hannity quite yet. Restoring his public persona (such that it was pre-arrest) is foremost on his mind.

  16. Um Anon, right?
    It is not narrow minded. Obesity is a huge problem in our country, one that is easily preventable. It isn't about "appearance" for me, it is about HEALTH! That's it. It isn't that Bryan's mom "looks" freakishly fat that turns my stomach, it is the weak nature of HER that allowed HERSELF to get that way. As I said earlier, they she cried and carried on was very immature. Not so much tears of a Mom missing her kids-get a grip lady!!! But a little weak girl who has been yelled at and put down by Masche Sr. Is she a victim? Only in the sense Jenny is-if she chooses to stay with this volitale man. No pass from me from fatties. Sorry.

    As for Bryan facebooking...it is a stupid as Jon Gosselin. Bryan will try terribly hard to sway this to his side.

    All I will say to his comment, is yep, there is more than meets the eye. But we all new that.

  17. M Sully

    Did you get offended because you are a plus sizer???

  18. I don't think it's necessary to insult other posters. Can we get back on track here?

  19. Trucker always causes trouble on the sites he/she visits. These wide sweeping statements come from ignorance and a lack of understanding of the problem.

  20. Ignorance, indeed! It'd be a sad world if we were all thought like that.

    See ya, Trucker. Getting back to the Masches...

  21. I am not sure how I insulted anyone on this blog. I am not talking about any one you.

    I am talking about people who have problems with self control and discipline aka Bryan's parent's and Bryan himself.

    And on a general topic, obesity is a big problem in our society and those I see affected, are as a rule weak people.

    Anon-sounds like YOU have a personal issue with weight and you are taking this personally. I am sorry that is your problem.

    Go take a walk!

  22. To the most likely same Anon poster:
    I have a name and post maybe 2 to 3 times a month total until I found this site.

    I do not cause trouble, but I do state my opinion.

    I don't care for Bryan and I am very much opposed to HOM. I think it should become protocal that doctor's will only allow a certain number of babies to be carried. It risks the mother's life and the health of the babies. Not to mention the enormous expense. Just because science can does not mean we should.

    Sounds like Jenny could get pregnant on her own and chose infertility treatments for some unknown reason to me. Sounds like her problem was carrying them to term.

  23. I blame the doctors as well, to a certain extent. I had my first baby with the help of a fertility drug and IUI, and let me tell you, there was NO WAY my doctor was going to even let me get pregnant with multiples, let alone have to worry about selective reduction.

    A responsible doctor take every necessary precaution to make sure HMO's do not occur. I know many, many other women who have undergone the same treatment as KG and JM and they, along with myself, all had a singleton!

    It's very ironic that both Kate G and Jenny M are both in the medical fields.

  24. Looks like the Masche's have filed for legal separation. Sounds like Bryan spoke to ROL personally.

    BTW- there are more than "anonymous" on here. I know because I am one and haven't posted but once on this blog.
    Can anyone tell me how to post with a name? I'm new to all of this! TIA

  25. Here is the rundown of Bryan:

    He's fat.
    He's disgusting.
    He's ugly.
    He's insecure.
    He's lazy.
    He's immature.
    He's stupid.
    He's ignorant.

    Bryan is a childish piece of garbage who is so insecure of the fact that his wife is smarter and more successful than him that he has to belittle her to feel better. I'm sure people have picked up on all his childish fantasies. He wanted to buy a "ranch" in Texas? What an idiot. That fat tool couldn't even work a ranch for a day. Remember his goal of entering politics? Um, really? That disgusting moron couldn't win a seat on city council running alone. He wanted to go to law school? That guy couldn't handle a day of law school let alone graduate and pass the bar.

    He's also more of a baby than his children. He cries about some dumb OCD crap. It's all just a bunch of BS so he can get attention and use it against Jenny. It must be hard for the therapist to work with them because Bryan is 99.9% of the problem but she has to placate Bryan and give Jenny things to work on as well. Pathetic.

    He seems to take after his parents. His mother is disgusting and looks like Jabba the Hut. His dad is a fat loser like he is... just add yellow teeth and a few years to Bryan and you get his dad.

    I like Jenny and hope she leaves that dbag Bryan. My only problem with Jenny is that 80% of the time when she says "Bryan and I" it should actually be "Bryan and me." Other than that, she's awesome!

  26. Can't argue that Bryan isn't a supreme loser baby, but Jenny is an annoying ditz.

    I don't know how she hasn't killed someone working as a PA.

  27. check out these gems from Bryan's myspace page:

    Body type: Athletic
    Since when is being a complete fat ass considered "athletic"?

    It seems like he went to Arizona State for undergrad and University of Phoenix for his MBA. LOL. What does it take to get in to ASU? A 2.0 and a pulse? University of Phoenix? Why, that's the Harvard of the Internet! OMG this stuff is priceless.

    He states that he makes $100,000 to $150,000. Really? He's not counting his salary in yen, is he?

    Apparently he listens to "light rap." What's that? Is it low in calories?

    He's interested in networking with "entrepuners." Gotta love them 'puners! Do they teach spelling at University of Phoenix?

    He watches "Glen" Beck and his heroes include Ronald "Regean," Donald Trump, and Fred Thompson. Bad politics only makes this douche worse. Honestly, Bryan is probably closet gay like so many of the Republicans he must worship.

  28. I've lost any respect I had for Trucker's opinions now.

    To bring weight issues into this discussion was totally unnecessary and cheap.

  29. I stand by what I said regarding Bryan & his weight issues. He had issues with being overweight & was in complete denial with how big he got. Trucker seems to be having some of those same issues & seems to be lashing out at the wrong people & should take a gander at the image looking back at him from the mirror that's holding the empty carton of ice cream. :)

  30. OMG, Bryan's myspace! Too funny. Can we say "delusional"?

    Come out of the closet, Bryan. No one cares if you're gay. Your douchiness is why no one likes you, dude!

  31. No Drama,

    I have no problem with the way you stated your opinion on Bryan's weight. Trucker's posts on the other hand.....well, we can only aspire to be as perfect as he/she.

  32. I believe I stated my opinion very clearly and stand by it Anon, anon and Drama.

    I have a very clear understanding about health, weight and can sense a sensitivity from a couple of you about it.

    It does not require ME looking in a mirror, because I am not overweight, nor would I ever allow myself to get that way.

    Throwing food at an emmotional problem will just make oneself fat, and I guess for a moment or two, some comfort.

    I see Bryan's parents as weak individual with many issues.

    Thankfully, I am not seeking anyone's approval of my opinion on this blog! Whew!

    However, since I seem to be discussing this topic with maybe one or 2 weight sensitive people, I will refrain and see if the site gets some new posters who don't have such "big girl" panites! :)

  33. I just discovered this site and having read through all of the comments, some right on, and other uninformed and somewhat cruel, I decided to add my two cents worth.

    I think the show's producers were too wrapped up in Jenny and Bryon and showed far too much of them and their problems. The children are almost a second thought and the filming of the kids is very hodge-podge. These children say adorable things to one another and to their parents, but we never get to see any of that which is too bad.

    Jenny is a girl who has countless GOOD friends. Everyone who knows Jenny, loves her. She is warm, friendly, and adores her children above all else. She is always hugging them or kissing them. She is thrilled to be a Mother! (Yes, she is a little too soft on them sometimes....) Her patients adores her and she is not "ditsy". She is bright, and highly energetic, but not terribly organized, as we have seen.

    Byran can be fun, and is generally well-liked, but he is truly an angry young man...and the saddest thing is that he does not see his anger and does not acknowledge his part in the breakdown of his marriage. I think he truly loves Jenny and his children, but his own immaturity and hurts from childhood keep him from being the husband and father he needs to be. He needs individual, in-depth counseling. I hope he will seek it out. I'm sure he never set out to destroy his marriage, and his own unhappiness must be overwhelming right now. Castigating him with hate and ridicule isn't helpful to him.

    Jenny's parents are wonderful supportive people who have been there for this family 150%. They are genteel, soft spoken, and very loving to everyone. Brian's parents are supportive, but haven't the same "polish" that Jenny's parents have! (I leave it at that.)

    Personally, I think their move to Florida was a terrible mistake. I think Bryan quitting his job of $75000 a year was stupid with six little ones to raise. By quitting his job, it made Jenny the bread winner--something she never wanted to be. Jenny's heart's desire is to be a full-time mom. She loves her job, but sees the "tups" baby days passing so quickly. (We who are parents can all identify with that)

    Jenny has not lost her Florida job. PA's are in demand everywhere and she will be picking up some shifts while in Arizona. I hope she stays with her parents or near them. A three bedroom rental would do for now if she wants to maintain her own home near her folks.

    Well, I think I've said what I have to say. I am heart sick over this situation and hope with time, taking no short-cuts, this marriage may be helped, but not without lots of time and intervention. I have the same concerns about safety as some of you have expressed.

    Several years of verbal mistreatment, anger, and frustration have now come to a head....and it was time Jenny took this step. How hard it must have been for her, as it goes against everything she believes in.

    My heart goes out to Jenny as she sorts through all of this...for Jenny is my friend.

  34. Very well said, Jaycee!

  35. "Byran can be fun, and is generally well-liked"

    OMG where did this come from? The guy looks like a fat slob, prick husband, and all-around douchebag to me.

  36. My, somebody on this blog seems very sensitive about weight. I think Trucker is spot on in his assesment or her assesment of Mom and Dad Masche. The mom is almost immobile from weight and very teary. If you are that
    obese there are bound to be other issues. Which
    came first doesn't really matter but the opinon is right I think.

    Jaycee-appreciate your input. Do you think
    Jenny will follow through?

  37. If jaycee is a friend of Jenny's, then why did she/he spell Brian's name three different ways?

  38. Good pick up! Do you think she's an

  39. To Anonymous--
    maybe she spelled it three different ways because she wasn't concentrating--its Bryan John

    and maybe because she is almost 80, she's not as sharp as she once was

    no, she's not an imposter, Molly, she's an old lady with a heavy heavy heart over this dear family breaking up.

    and she has a darling 15 year old grandaughter named Molly-that's not important, just thought i would mention it since you have that name, also, one of my favorites.

    she also has a niece named Bailey, a nephew Cole, and another nephew, Blake--how's that for coincidence--4 out of 6 isn't bad! (figure that out)

    Molly, I really don't don't know anything about the follow-through. I hope so. I pray so--I've seen too many of these things get put back together before its time, with resulting and continued heart break for all.

    I probably should not have written. I just wanted to add my own observations to these comments for what it was worth.

    I've really said all I need to say. I hoped to put a more personal touch to these dear ones, other than the media spin on things.

  40. Jaycee,
    what is it that you are hoping for? You must be very aware of bryan's violence, his abruptly stopping his meds, his verbal
    abuse. Surely you don't want him around the kids or Jenny??? He needs serious intervention but truly I don't think
    men like him change. Do you?

  41. Molly, I wish we could talk off line, but I'm not willing to put my email add'y on here, nor are you....so know that I want the best outcome for all...and safety for everyone. I believe Bryan can be helped, if he is willing to see his faults...and I don't think he can yet. (as evidenced from a tweet he wrote about the foolishness of the charges against him) Until he does, there is no hope for change. I do know that anger can be quelled with lots of hard work. Motivation must be there first. I saw it happen with my own father when I was a child. I have seen positive outcomes, but time is the key--lots of hard work, Right now this family is where they should be--apart, as you would agree.

    I pray a lot for all of them. Such upheaval in their lives, so many things to decide, decisions to make, and visitation to work out. I'm just glad Jenny has her parents for support. She needs it with six little ones all the same age! Can you imagine??

  42. Molly- Men like Bryan can't change,because men like Bryan don't see there's anything wrong with them. No admitting a problem,no problem to fix. At least that's what I think.lol

  43. jaycee- How hard do you have to concentrate to spell someones name right? I'm talking to you for the 1st time & I'm managing to spell yours right. So if you don't concentrate you can spell someone you're supposed to know,name wrong a couple of times in 1 comment? Wow. You made need to work on that a little. As for Bryan,he's a dirt bag & as much as I feel for the situation Jenny's in,it's about time she grew a backbone & stood up to him. Hope she doesn't relapse back to spineless door mat.

  44. I am sorry, but I don't believe you are 80. And I would give you my email address if I thought I would be talking to the real deal. I don't believe you are who you say you are.

    Bye now.

  45. Molly, I'm 78--that's pushing 80! I wish I could send you my blog address, but I really don't feel comfortable doing that on here. I had hoped the administrator of this blog had an email listed that we could use for a go between, but she doesn't that I can see.

    I am a retired teacher/social worker. I've raised a passle of kids, some my own, some foster children. My youngest child is 39.

    I'm who I say I am with the exception of my name. If you can figure out a way to get me your email, I will be happy to prove that I am the "real deal".

    I used to have an alternate email add'y, but haven't figured out how to do one since I got a new Mac. So that's no help.

    This has been my first experience in leaving a comment on a blog...and it will be my last.

    Well, I'm off to eat some breakfast and get ready for my Tuesday morning ladies' Bible Study. I hope we can figure out a way to talk. It feels strange to be doubted!

  46. I believe you are who you say you are, Jaycee. If this site administrator can figure out a way, I'd love to have your blog address!