We are watching you, Bryan, and we don't like what we see.

Friday, September 17, 2010

According to published reports on the domestic violence complaint, Bryan was arrested at his in-laws house. (Robert Simbric)

And he is twittering like nothing happened..
If Jenny takes him back and he harms any of those children, it is her fault as much as it is his. She has officially been warned that he has the capacity to be violent. It sounds like Jenny is at her parent's house now, so she and the kids are safe.

Please don't take him back, Jenny. You have your family and you have great earning potential. Move on and give your kids the violence free life they deserve.


  1. He's a sociopath. I don't know what I find more disturbing...the fact that he was arrested for domestic violence or the fact that he seems to be going on his merry way, on Twitter, of all things.

    His arrest record is up at the Yavapai County database.

  2. The kids have already been harmed-

  3. I don't no that I agree he is a sociopath. I think he has huge rage problems and has a big manly man ego. He has commented on his depression and ceased his Prozac of 2 years w/o tapering...huge no-no.

    I agree with someone who said that he wanted to try and distance himself from the in-laws, which they seemed to have a pretty good relationship with. This made no sense to me as they loved the kids and were very willing to help out.

    I can understand wanting to pursue a career change...but timing is everything. Also understand want to live in your dream place. However, life doesn't always let you do what you want to do, when you want to do it.

    He asked Jenny to trust him. It "looks" like his plans fell thru and I think the 2 months Arizona trip is a ruse. Betcha she is back to work, they are living with her parent's again and he is struggling big time.

    I would never go to a reality star for financial planning. I wouldn't tweet my politics, especially to Sean Hannity.

    I don't think Bryan is a loser by any means, but he needs to stop playing the victim.

    If anyone was physically abused, I would be DONE!!!! I truly don't think he will change significantly.

    Thanks for this blog...hope it takes off.

  4. LL,

    Can you post a link, please?

    So will he go to trial. Wonder if he is living with Jenny and the kids.


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  6. "I agree with someone who said that he wanted to try and distance himself from the in-laws, which they seemed to have a pretty good relationship with. This made no sense to me as they loved the kids and were very willing to help out."

    I could see Bryan wanting to distance himself from *his own* parents, like his jerk of a father, but Jenny needed her parents as support. I knew the move to Florida would not go well.

  7. I am wondering if Jenny was fired from her job at Sacred Heart Hospital. With their lives so public, Jenny often stating on the show how tired she is working and taking care of the babies, the controversy Bryan is creating, and the fame that any reality show brings, I could see her employer letting her go. Maybe they felt she was a risk because of the lifestyle she leads and not getting enough sleep, she could possible be unfocused and not be on her game totally. With a medical job, she needs to be totally focused. Some employers offer 3-6 month trail period to see if you work out with the option of permanently hiring you or letting you go. I see Sacred Heart in Emerald which is where I thinks she worked is looking for an on-call PA in the ER. I wonder if this might be the case. JMO

  8. PA's with ER experience are highly sought after in this rural UT/AZ/NV area. It is sometimes more profiable per hour then being a dr so Jenny should be able to be fine. I see Bryan tweeted he made 85k as the pharm rep. Why would anyone give up a cake job llike that with awesome benefits to chase a dream when you have 6 kids? You chase you dreams when your kids are 18 Bryan! the next 15 years are finding the best way to support your family. Bryan seems like he feel likes less of a man when he is not the sole supporter. 85k in rural Az could have easily supported 6 kids. I live a few hours away and know many family that have 6,7,8 kids and live just fine middle class lives on less then 85k. Once out of diapers/forumla and he had great insurance expenses aren't crazy(unless you are eating out every night or spending tons on clothes). They had a pool, a park, a library, church activites and a rec center with cheap sports oppurtunties later on. I think Bryan is selfish and wanted to be a big politican and real estate mogual and never thought about the consequences.

  9. http://apps.supremecourt.az.gov/publicaccess/

    Go to this link and type in "Masche." The criminal case against him starts with an M.

    Big Bry Bry apparently likes to speed a lot, too...