"There's an issue going on right now." That's how Bryan Masche's father-in-law began a 911 call to Camp Verde, Arizona, police earlier this month after the 'Raising Sextuplets' star began loading three of his screaming children and "some guns" into a van during a dispute with his wife. PopEater has acquired audio from the phone call from the Sept. 11 incident.

Jenny Masche's father told the dispatcher that Bryan was "loading up three of the kids right now and it's kind of like leverage," he said, adding, "He's in one of those frames of mind. I'm a little apprehensive."

When asked whether Masche had become physically violent with Jenny, the father-in-law, whose name has not been released, said no, but that "she doesn't want him to leave because if he takes three and then he files [for separation or divorce] or whatever happens, then she's got three kids here and three kids there and then all of a sudden it becomes a bargaining tool. And they should be with her mother."